Boston University News Release

19th October, 2001

University Policy Statement

The events of Tuesday, September 11 have affected the entire Boston University community but have had immediate and profound effects on the surviving families of those who perished in the attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C., and in the search and rescue efforts there.

Many families do not yet know what all of these changes will be nor the extent to which they will alter their lives.

Now and through the coming months, Boston University wishes to reassure student survivors of the victims of the terrorist attacks that we will work individually with them and with their families to resolve all problems that may stand in the way of completion of their Boston University degrees. Whether those problems are financial, demand an interruption of study, or require student services, the University can and will assist students to resume and complete their education here.

Undergraduate students and their families who have been directly affected by the September 11 attacks, as well as by subsequent United States military action and terrorist incidents linked to the September 11 attacks, should contact the University Service Center at 881 Commonwealth Avenue (617/358-1818) where professional staff can answer questions, identify enrollment issues, and coordinate a response with other University offices.

Graduate students may initially contact their dean's office or contact the University Service Center directly. While the Service Center does not process leaves of absence or withdrawals for graduate students, professional staff there can provide non-academic administrative services for graduate and professional students as well as for undergraduates and can assist the graduate deans' offices in the development of coordinated responses to students and their families.

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