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16th November, 2010

‘Never too early’ – Queen’s urges young people to ‘find their future’

‘Never too early’ – Queen’s urges young people to ‘find their future’ Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Ellen Douglas-Cowie and Wellington College principal Matthew Pitts help Year 10 pupils Jonathan Lindsay, Dione Foster and Eoin Trainor 'find their future'

For the first time in Northern Ireland, 14-16 year olds are being given their own guide to what their future may hold as a university student.

Traditionally such guides have always been targeted at post-GCSE students. Now, Queen’s has produced Find Your Future: The young person’s guide to higher education.
Enabling pupils to see how their current learning links with their future, the new guide is the ultimate handbook for young teens who may be thinking of going to University but are unsure of what steps to take next.
Created for students in Years 10-12, the unique publication aims to help young people make key decisions about their future. The user-friendly publication includes information on student life, study facilities, courses and scholarships available, a guide to university vocabulary, a question-and-answer section, and profiles of first-year students sharing their experiences of university life.

Launching the Guide, the University’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education and Students Professor Ellen Douglas-Cowie said: “Nothing is more important than preparing a child for the challenges and opportunities of the future.
“Queen’s is aware that many young people find choosing their future education options a very daunting process. We aim to ensure that all prospective students have access to useful information that enables them to make the right decisions. This Guide offers career guidance at a much younger stage in a student’s career, and we believe it will encourage young people to aim high, to make the right decisions at the right time and to realise their full potential.”
The publication also supports the University’s extensive programme of initiatives to raise awareness and aspirations among young people, delivered as part of Queen’s commitment to widening participation, and it has already generated a very positive response among teachers and pupils.
Among those welcoming the Guide is the Principal of Wellington College in Belfast, Matthew Pitts, who said: “The earlier students are made aware of their choices the better. The new Queen’s Guide will be invaluable in raising aspirations and expectations and will ensure that all students are able to link their current learning with their futures.”
The College’s Head of Careers Education and Guidance, Gary O’Hara, described the publication as “a very important resource”.
He said: “The current reform of post-primary education provides young people with the opportunity to take advantage of a much broader curriculum, and gives them many different options to pursue. This Guide effectively addresses the need for earlier intervention and guidance to help them choose wisely and well.”
Copies are currently being distributed to all secondary and grammar schools in Northern Ireland. Further copies can be obtained by contacting the Queen’s Student Recruitment team via email at come2queens@qub.ac.uk or by calling 028 9097 5087.

For media enquiries please contact: Anne Langford, on 028 90 97 5310, Mob 07815 871997, a.langford@qub.ac.uk

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